Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Boredom

I have been so bored this summer. It's definitely a different kind of summer with an infant in tow. He's the sweetest thing ever though 💜. I have been looking at blogs lately and I'm going to try to keep up with mine. It'll be easier I hope once school starts because ill have something to talk about and pictures to show. I recently got a Cricut, so I'm trying to find things to make for my class with it. I have decided on a new Accelerated Reader board- island hopping for reading. I'm going to have the four major islands along the MS coast ( for 25, 50, 75, and 100% of their reading goals) and put the kids' faces on sailboats. Ill post pictures soon, but for now here is a picture of my sweet Cooper Baye (6months now)! 

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